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AE 550 – thermodynamics – Final Forum Discussion

Use your knowledge gained on this course to discuss how thermodynamics applies to an air-conditioning system used in a car or commercial aircraft or office complex. Reflect on a systems approach – input/work/output parameters in thermodynamic terms. Note: Do not wait until the end of the week to contribute to each module’s discussions. Respond to …

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AE 550 – thermodynamics – report 2

In the previous project, you explained the thermodynamic developments. Here you will address the design changes to maximize the thermodynamics. Commercial aircraft engines have evolved and been developed to improve reliability, reduce fuel consumption, and lower emissions. Guidelines:

AE 550 – thermodynamics – report 1

As commercial aircraft engines have developed they have become more reliable. Extended-Twin Engine-Operations, ETOPS, is a maintenance approach to being confident about twin engine operations over oceans. What are the developments in thermodynamic terms that have supported the maintenance in order for this to be successful? Guidelines: Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin …

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AE 550 – thermodynamics

Discussion 1: What happens to the properties of water, in particular, density, at sea level when ice melts and the temperature increases to 40C? Give an example of this in practical terms. Note: No practical answer can be repeated, you must use an original example. Discussion 4: Explain, using thermodynamic terms and theory, why coffee cups used for …

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