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Terms And Conditions

  1. Cancellation can only be appealed if the task’s progresses are in initial stages and our freelance team is ready to accept them without hassles. If cancellation is requested within 5 hours of placing the order, the money will be refunded to the client.
  2. Cancellation is not applicable for ‘URGENT’ orders for which no claims can be made once ordered. Only the allocated specialist has the option here to cancel the ‘URGENT’ orders.
  3. Full refunds or cancellation is not possible for orders made under special promotions or projects that claimed discounts from referral program and social media sharing

When you buy our services, our products are covered by money-back guarantee which is applicable only under late delivery and project in-complete scenarios. For refunds, simply contact our enquiries support with all the supporting documents. We are ready to validate all the documents and issue refund – we take clients feedback more serious and take all mandatory steps to improve our service quality and customer experience.

  1. Services that are not delivered on/before deadlines. (Deadlines are agreed by the client and us prior to commencement of the task)
  2. Products that didn’t met client’s requirements (Requirements are to be clearly stated before placing the order and the refund is considered only if we didn’t met the client needs)
  3. Refunds are applicable to all orders that fall within our cancellation terms.
  1. Refunds cannot be claimed if the client’s requirement has changed during progress. Under such circumstances, it is suggested to contact the support team to solve the issues.
  2. Valid documents should be submitted to prove any liability in our service otherwise; no claims or refunds can be made.
  3. Projects that are larger and partially completed are not subjected to full refunds whereas only partial refunds can be claimed.

We deserve to charge 20% of the money paid by you if refund is claimed. We use that to cover the transaction fee and other charges that incurred to us.

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