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ENV3104 Hydraulics II-Assignment 2

Sample answer: Whatsapp – +91-9976287245 Open Channel and Pipeline Flow: Objectives Question 1 – Pipe Network (60 Marks)A pipe network system as shown in Figure 1 supplies water from two reservoirs (G & H) to anumber of delivery points. The Table shows the details of each pipe. The pressure head at points H & […]

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ENV3104 Hydraulics II-Assignment 1

For sample answers, Whatsapp +91-9976287245 Gradually Varied Flow Profiles and Numerical Solution ofthe Kinematic Equations Objectives RationaleThis assignment is based on the material covered in this course. As such you will be directed toattempt tutorial questions from modules 1-5 before starting this assignment Important InformationBefore starting please review the USQ’s Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure:“All

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