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MGMT 411-Logistics Management for AviationAerospace-Module 3

MGMT 411-Logistics Management for AviationAerospace-Module 3

Discussion 3: Applied Logistics technology:

            As part of our search for contemporary best practices, this week’s discussion looks to the research and trade literature for insights and examples of modern techniques in the industry. You will find a story about what is new in aircraft and aerospace manufacturing and share it with the class.  Enjoy your search and your discoveries.

From the Hunt Library databases, identify a reference article that describes a modern technology being applied in aircraft and aerospace manufacturing to enhance quality and productivity in operations. Use the Hunt library or other sources to find a suitable reference article from within the last two years. Address the following about your selected technology.

  • How does the selected technology contribute to the success of the company or organization involved?
  • Give an example of how the use of the technology has changed operations from the past to the present for the organization.
  • In what ways does use of this technology fit into the manufacturing strategies listed in your textbook?

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Quality methods In Logistics:

            For your second journal entry, address the questions below in a 300-500 word narrative.

  • How do quality methods contribute to overall productivity improvements in a company or organization? 
  • Address any trade-offs between seeking quality improvements and cost of operations. Justify your answer with an appropriate example or illustration. Draw on your own experience with quality service or products you have purchased or seen.
  • Describe how quality management approaches fit into strategic and tactical planning within a company or organization. Express your own opinion about the value of implementing a formal quality program within an organization.

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