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MGMT 411-Logistics Management for AviationAerospace-Module 1

MGMT 411-Logistics Management for AviationAerospace-Module 1

Discussion 1: Integrated logistics Operations

            Logistics operations have become more integrated over the last 20 years, affecting the global economy as a whole. Demonstrate your understanding of the importance of logistics and supply chain management within aviation and aerospace organizations by describing the movement of materials, products, or services, including the movement of information, through the supply chain of an integrated logistics firm. Select a firm that you have had dealings with and explain its importance to the organization. Give examples and reference sources of your information.


Supply Chain Insights:

            In this course, you will keep a personal journal describing how the ideas and concepts from this course relate to your life and career. You will respond to specific questions and topics in a 300-500 word narrative.

For your first journal writing, address the questions below.

  • Describe an event in your life where you interacted with an organizational supply chain in some way.
  • What were the positive and negative aspects, if any, of your experience with the value chain?
  • What suggestions would you give to that organization regarding possible changes to their logistics or supply chain policies?

Review it

Using your own words (do not quote), compose a response to the following items.

  1. Describe how the current supply chain concept differs from the broader contemporary value chain models presented in recent years. Give an example to illustrate the differences.
  2. In your own words identify the primary purpose of a supply chain and give an example of a supply chain functioning in the aviation industry.
  3. Explain the principles of an integrated supply chain and describe how those principles can enhance overall productivity in an organization.
  4. Define manufacturing and geographic postponement, and give a practical example of each type as applied in the aviation/aerospace industry.

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