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HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 7,8

HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 7,8

Discussion 7:

Choose an image from the Annenberg Learner gallery. (Links to an external site.) Note that you can browse the artwork by theme, period, region, or medium.

After selecting your image, link to it so that we can view it in this forum. Discuss what attracted you to the image and why. How was the piece understood in its original context? Outside of this context, does the piece suggest other meanings? Considering your answers to the previous questions. How should we understand the relationship between art and culture (i.e., is one dependent on the other)? View your classmates’ images and provide your commentary.

Discussion 8:

In this activity, locate a link to a song or music video which features both music and dance. Your selection should have made some impact on your life. Share the link in this forum along with the title and the performer(s). Discuss how music/dance is tied to your understanding of culture in your lives.

Additionally, answer the following questions about your selection:

  1. Describe what this song or music video means to you. Why did you select it?
  2. How did this song or music video reflect the culture of its time?
  3. How did this song or music video shape culture?

In this final discussion activity, you will reflect on your experience in the course along with our readings, resources, and assignments. First, discuss how completing your two major projects in this course helped you to have a better understanding of the development of an increasingly globalized “world culture.”

Next, share how increased cultural literacy from our readings, resources, and assignments will benefit you in your personal and professional life.

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