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HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 4

HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 4

Assignment 4:

Assignment – Country Presentation: Descriptive Annotated Bibliography and Outline

This assignment consists of two parts and you are required to prepare and submit two (2) separate documents as part of this activity. You will prepare and submit an annotated bibliography of three sources from the research you will gather for your country presentation. You will also prepare and submit a draft of your country presentation outline. 

First, refer to any instructor provided feedback from your Module 3 Country Presentation Selection to ensure that your country has been approved. Should you need to select another country to avoid duplication, be sure to do so by the second day of this module week!

Next, search the Hunt Library databases (Links to an external site.) and locate three (3) sources on your country. These sources will come from books, book chapters, peer-reviewed scholarly journals, reports, and other scholarly sources. Wikipedia and other similar sources without named authors are prohibited. Create a Descriptive Annotated Bibliography in current APA format listing each of your three sources.

To learn more about how to create a Descriptive Annotated Bibliography, please navigate to the Annotated Bibliography page (Links to an external site.) found in the Hunt Library. (Links to an external site.)

Finally, use this Country Presentation Outline Template (DOCX) to create your initial draft.

 Important Note: Instructors will provide feedback on your draft outline. Use the instructor provided feedback to prepare the final draft of your presentation which is due in Module 5.

Discussion 4:

            Discussion – Language and Dialect

After reviewing this module week’s readings and resources, discuss one example from your own personal experience which shows the relationship between language and culture. This experience can be direct–from travel, watching films, conversations, etc. Or it can be indirect–something you’ve been told about by a friend, family member, or a coworker.

Your example does not have to be about a foreign language. It does, however, need to show the connection between language, culture, and identity. Your experience might include examples of words used in some part of the country where you live, but not in others. It might be an example of emojis you use when you text some audiences that might not be understood by other audiences. Bring in at least one concept from our Module 4 Readings and Resources by explaining that concept in your own words and relating that concept to your example.

Your initial reply should be a minimum of 200 words. After your initial reply, please review and respond to a minimum of two classmates’ replies. Your response should be 50-100 words.

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