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HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 3

HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 3

Discussion 3:

            In this discussion activity, you will select a country for your Country Presentation. This project will involve research on a country you’ve never visited or lived in as well as a presentation to report your findings. Any country may be selected with the exception of the United States of America.

With so many countries to choose from, students are required to select different countries for their presentation. By completing the Country Selection “worksheet,” you will “sign up” for your country. This is a first come, first served assignment, so please do not select a country that another classmate has selected.

Your selection must be instructor approved! 

 Country Selection Worksheet

The following information is required for your submission:

  • The name of the country you have selected.
  • Why are you interested in selecting this country for your presentation?
  • Any previous experience reading or learning about this country.
  • Perform a quick Internet search of the country you are interested in and provide three interesting facts.
  • What are three possible sources for research on this country?

After completing this module week’s readings and resources, you will reflect on your own relationship to food in this discussion forum. For this activity, compose two paragraphs. In your first paragraph, discuss one idea that you learned about and liked from this module’s readings and resources. Be sure to list the title, author, and year of your chosen resource.

In your second paragraph, reflect on your own relationship to food. Discuss how this relationship reflects your cultural background, worldwide belief system, relationship to the community, and/or lifestyle. Be sure to tie in at least one reading or resource from Module 3 in your response. 

Your initial reply should be a minimum of 200 words. After your initial reply, please review and respond to a minimum of two classmates’ replies. Your response should be 50-100 words.

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