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HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 1

HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 1

Discussion 1:

After reviewing this module week’s readings and resources, identify one “text” from your own cultural background. Please include three components in your discussion response related to the text you identified:

  • First, describe the text and its significance to you.
  • Second, discuss the significance of the text to your cultural community.
  • Finally, consider how you might explain the text to someone outside of your cultural community. How might you bridge the cultural divide to better explain the importance of the text?

Your initial reply should be a minimum of 200 words. After your initial reply, please review and respond to a minimum of two classmates’ replies. Your response should be 50-100 words.

Reflection 1:

            In this activity, you will consider this module week’s readings, resources, and discussions as well as conduct research to help you formulate your own definition of culture and why the study of culture will be important in your life.

First, find a definition of culture that resonates with you outside of the definitions already provided in Module 1. You may use the Hunt Library, (Links to an external site.) or you may conduct an Internet search. You are required to utilize APA formatting guidelines throughout this assignment.

Next, draft a short essay in a document of 250-300 words, which provides a direct quotation or paraphrase of the definition of culture that you researched. Be sure to include in-text citations in current APA format. Provide your definition of culture and explain why this definition resonates with you. Why did you feel this particular definition best summarizes what culture means?

Finally, using your definition as well as any relevant material from your Module 1 coursework, explain why the study of culture will benefit your professional career and/or your personal life. Include a “Reference” page with your short essay; document resources in current APA format.

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