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ETEC485- Professional Seminar

ETEC485- Professional Seminar

Research paper and Service Activity

Research paper:

For this discussion, you will research the topic of preparation for the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination and post a thread based on your research in the discussion forum. Respond to at least two fellow student posts and to any posts to your thread.

Papers must be double-spaced, using Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Cover pages and abstracts are not required. References must be properly cited and listed on a separate reference page.

Note: You will not see any of your classmates posts until you have first posted your own paper

Service activity:

By this module, you should have engaged in an appropriate professional activity such as attendance at technical presentations, professional society functions, service activities, and professional membership are required. A one-page report on the activity is required. 

For this assignment, you will submit a one-page report on the service activity in which you have participated.  

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