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ETEC 420- applications of engineering technology

ETEC 420- applications of engineering technology

Module 7

Assignment 7:

            Water with a velocity of 5m/s flows through the parallel concert piping system with a relative roughness of 0.04 shown below. The entrance diameter is 4m, the length of the parallel pipes is 40 m and L/d for the pipes at A and B is 10m. Here the pressure at the inlet of the system is measured by a mercury manometer directly below it.


  1. Given your understanding of fluid statics, find the gage pressure which is also the pressure at point 1.
  2. Given your understanding of the flow of incompressible fluids,notice thesquared inlet edge and four standard elbows. Utilize the parallel piping system shown above to:
    • Calculate the head delivered by the system considering both pipe and local losses.
    • Find the Reynolds number using the Moody diagram given in the book for the laminar flow through these pipes.
    • With all of the information given, what are the values for Q, QB, QA, DA,and DB?

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