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ETEC 415 – Control Systems – HW 3

ETEC 415 – Control Systems – HW 3

Module 3 Homework Assignment

  1. For m=5, c=15, and k=20, find 𝜔𝑛 and 𝜁. Is the system over damped or under damped? Keeping m and k the same, what value of c is needed for the system to be critically damped?

2. Find the overall transfer function (Y(s)/X(s)) for the system below. Show your work to arrive at the overall transfer function. You may do the work on other paper, scan it (or photo), and attach it to the homework Word document. The final overall transfer function must be written in Word with an equation editor

  1. Use MATLAB to find the overall transfer function of problem 2. Show the commands used and the final overall transfer function (copy from the MATLAB command window).
  2. Solve for the transfer functions Y1(s)/F(s) and Y2(s)/F(s)

  • m2 = 1 kg
  • k1 = 2 N/m
  • k2 = 1 N/m
  • k3 = 3 N/m
  • c1 = 1 Ns/m
  • c2 = 3 Ns/m

5. Solve for the transfer functions I1(s)/V(s), I2(s)/VF(s), and I3(s)/V(s)

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