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ETEC 310- material Science for engineering technology

ETEC 310- material Science for engineering technology

Modules 1-3

Block Assignment: Modules 1-3

What have been the significant milestones in materials used for commercial aircraft since the end of the Second World War?

  • Include the manufacturing, maintenance and reliability aspects if relevant.
  • Limit your answer to three principal types of material.

Modules 1-3 Forum

A bracket is to be bolted to an aircraft that assists the towing in general situations and maintenance on the taxiways or in hangars. In your initial post, you will need to answer these questions: Where might this be placed and what material would you recommend be used in manufacturing and assembly of the bracket? In addition, is there any specific material structure, heat treatment or consideration that needs addressing for a reliable and robust product?

To answer this select one option from each of the following three lists:

Aircraft Type

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Light Aircraft
  • Small Private Executive Jet
  • Fighter Jet
  • Military Transport Aircraft
  • 150 Seater Commercial Airliner
  • 350-plus Seater Commercial Airliner

Attachment Location 

Be sure to consider the viability of the location. Is there a way to securely attach the bracket? Can the location support not just the bracket itself, but the changes in temperature the bracket will experience and the stress of pulling a heavy aircraft from a stop?

  • Attached to the front undercarriage
  • Attached to the fuselage

Aircraft Design

Do some research and make your selection below.

  • An existing design
  • A new variant (ex. new B737 design) 
  • A new concept design

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