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BASB 410-management of Air cargo

BASB 410-management of Air cargo

Module 4

Freight Forwarder

Write and submit a two to three-page paper (not including cover page and reference page) that addresses the following:

  • Introduction of freight forwarders
  • Freight forwarder duties and roles
  • Locate and describe a company doing freight forwarding
  • Company-specific services provided
  • Company payment terms and conditions
  • Airfreight forwarder regulations
  • Conclusion

Current Events in Air Cargo Alliances

After reviewing the readings and resources for this module, select an Air Cargo Alliance that interests you and may add to your research paper.

Please number and state each requirement, and give each answer its own separate paragraph(s).

  1. State the interesting current or latest news item online regarding your Air Cargo Alliances selection.
  2. Explain how the operations can be impacted.
  3. Explain and clarify the pros and cons of having membership in this alliance.

Technology Used in Air Freight – Video Analysis

Throughout your career in air cargo management, you will find that the use of technology enhances alliances, airline operations, and air cargo transportation. Visit YouTube (Links to an external site.) and find a video that pertains to technology in air freight or where technology has an impact to facilitate airline alliances operations.

Note: Please do not explore security technology during this discussion posting. Module 8 will discuss security.

In the discussion activity, please provide the following:

  1. Title of the video
  2. Brief synopsis of the video
  3. What are some main points that you found interesting as it relates to innovative technology to enhance alliance or air cargo operations?
  4. As a manager what could you do to implement the latest technology at your airline? Consider employees, training, maintenance, and operations.

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