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BASB 410-management of Air cargo

BASB 410-management of Air cargo

Module 2

Air Cargo’s Integrators Analysis

Review the reading assignments and videos in Module 2. Please pick one of the following integrators to research and report on: FedEx, UPS, DHL, or TNT.

Please number and state each question/statement and give each answer its own separate paragraph(s).

  1. Introduction
    1. Include the name of the integrator, a brief description of the company, specific start date, route structure, high technical solutions, and aircraft.
  2. Strategic Advantages
    1. Describe the company’s strategic advantages and market position over the other three.
  3. Disadvantages
    1. Describe any disadvantages and/or competitive pressures you observed.
  4. Conclusion

Please view the video and answer the following questions. 

Hong Kong Air Cargo – Automation (Links to an external site.) (YouTube / 3:08)

In the discussion activity, please provide the following:

  1. Post a brief synopsis of the video and how it pertains to our BSAB 410 course.
  2. What are some main points that provided information on high-tech methods of sorting, tracking, and controlling air freight shipments at Hong Kong Air Cargo?
  3. Describe key points you could use if you were a manager in air cargo management.

Intermodal Operations Between Aircraft and Truck Video Analysis

In your career in air cargo management, you will find the use of intermodal containers. Intermodal containers allow two modes of transportation to use the same container. The use of containers reduces the material handling time and costs associated with loading one package at a time. In the air cargo industry, the two most common modes of transportation are aircraft and truck. The secret is to save material handling time and costs in this operation.

Visit YouTube (Links to an external site.) and find a video that pertains to intermodal operations between aircraft and truck. Consider a topic that will assist you in your research paper. 

In the discussion activity, provide the following:

  1. Title of the video
  2. Brief synopsis of the video
  3. What are some main points that you found interesting as it relates to intermodal operations between aircraft and truck?
  4. What lessons learned could be identified in intermodal operations at the airport or terminals?

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