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ASCI 309-Aerodynamics

ASCI 309-Aerodynamics

Module 8
ARAPA: Weight and Balance

For your team’s selected project aircraft, collaboratively create an instructional team wiki (Canvas page within your group work space – see again ARAPA Overview Page for instructions) that details the weight and balance of your selected aircraft.  

From the provided resources on the accompanying 8.3.1 – ARAPA: Resources and Inputs page, find and diagram the allowable center of gravity (CG) range for your aircraft and explain how passenger and/or fuel loading would affect the CG. 

Then, compile your entire aircraft documentation into a presentation format, utilizing a presentation tool of your choice (see the 8.3.1 – ARAPA: Resources and Inputs page for a variety of possible tools). The goal of the presentation is to inform a new owner/operator of your selected aircraft about the specific performance characteristics that you analyzed throughout this project. So, make sure to properly instruct your audience on how the provided data is applicable to the intended flight operations. Once completed, upload your team’s presentation in the designated Module 9 area. Then, each student individually reviews at least two of the other teams’ presentations and provides commenting and reflection.

Deadline for the presentation upload is the first day of Module 9. See also the specific Module 9 inputs for your individual peer-reviews.

For inputs to this module’s tasks, please review the associated 8.3.1 – ARAPA: Resources and Inputs page. As a starter for your team’s wiki, your team can again copy the information on this assignment page.

As in previous assignments, you will need to research a variety of additional information such as required formula and pertinent aircraft data. Again, the emphasis in this project task is on explaining your methodology as if you attempted to instruct someone unfamiliar with the aerodynamic details and relationships. Therefore, make sure to detail all assumptions, all formula used, and all steps that were taken. 

As previously, you are encouraged to utilize appropriate computational software such as Excel® or MatLab®.

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