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ASCI 309-Aerodynamics

ASCI 309-Aerodynamics

Module 4
Individual presentation: Jet Performance

In this module, some of the background considerations for jet and propeller aircraft performance were introduced by taking a closer look at the different propulsion systems. During next module’s ARAPA project, you will apply these fundamentals to your team’s example aircraft and its unaccelerated performance. Nevertheless, since all of our example aircraft are propeller-driven, it makes sense to divert our attention for a moment from the team projects and also introduce some of the application of performance principles in jet aircraft. 

o provide an outlook to some of the aspects of next module’s unaccelerated performance and apply them to jet aircraft, as an individual student, select three (3) of the following items of performance and prepare an instructional presentation (utilizing a presentation tool of your choice – see resources in the Online Tools section) that explains in depth how to find these different items of performance for a jet aircraft. Available choices: 

  • maximum forward speed in level flight
  • absolute ceiling
  • best angle of climb airspeed
  • angle of climb
  • best rate of climb airspeed
  • rate of climb
  • maximum endurance airspeed
  • maximum range airspeed
  • influence of weight on performance
  • influence of altitude on performance
  • influence of configuration on performance

For your presentation, utilize the additional reading resources provided on the associated Readings section to start your research. Once completed, post your presentation to the discussion area below and review the work of at least three other students.

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