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CIV 3506 – Concrete Structures Assignment 1 Weighting: 20% (200 marks out of 1000)

CIV 3506 – Concrete Structures Assignment 1 Weighting: 20% (200 marks out of 1000)

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The aim of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate your ability to apply the theory developed in Topics 1 to 6, and particularly the design of reinforced concrete beams.

Important notes
It is important that you go through all lectures, tutorials, and formative quizzes relating to the design of reinforced concrete beams. Students found these tools to be very effective in answering the Assignment. You will receive up to 10 marks by providing evidence of completing these learning tools.

Date completed

  1. Reinforced concrete: An overview
  2. Method of analysis and design
  3. Beams – singly reinforced section
  4. Beams – Doubly reinforced sections, flanged sections
  5. Beams – Shear
  6. Beams – Deflection and Detailing
    Guest lecture – Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia
  7. You need to submit your assignment electronically through the Assignment submission box in the StudyDesk. Make sure that you attach your signed Assignment coversheet as submitted assignment without a coversheet will not be marked. The file name of the submitted assignment should be: SN_Assign1_###.doc or SN_Assign1_###.pdf, where SN is your serial number and ### corresponds to your Family name.
  8. Students can get their serial number (SN) from USQ StudyDesk.
  9. You need to submit the assignment according to the following parameters corresponding to your SN. Design using incorrect parameters will result in a deduction of up to 20% of the total marks.
  10. A = Remainder of (Serial Number/2)
  11. B = Remainder of (Serial Number/3)
  12. C = Remainder of (Serial Number/4)
  13. D = Remainder of (Serial Number/5)
  14. E = Remainder of (Serial Number/6)

A 2-storey commercial building is to be constructed near-coastal (5 km from coastline) in Cairns. The general lay-out of the building and the beam is shown in Figure 1a. In this Assignment, you need to design the three-span continuous beams supported by 400 mm x 400 mm columns as shown in Figure 1b. Depending on your remainder for Parameter A, design the continuous beam for strength and serviceability (refer to Figure 1c shaded area). A concrete compressive strength, f’c specified in Parameter B and where standard formwork and compaction are to be used. In addition to its self-weight, the beam will carry superimposed dead and live loads on the slab strip given in Parameter C. The density of the reinforced concrete can be taken as 2400 kg/m3.The end and interior spans of the beam (Parameter D) have lengths of L1 and L2, respectively which are measured from centre-to-centre of columns. A 150 mm thick slab is cast monolithically with stiff beams which are spaced L3 from centre-to-centre (Parameter E) as shown in Figure 1c.
(i) Determine the minimum required concrete cover to satisfy the durability requirements and fire resistance period of 90 minutes. Also, determine the minimum beam dimensions (b and D in the nearest 25 mm) that can safely carry its self-weight, and the superimposed dead and live load as well as can comply with the serviceability requirements. “Note that you will need to assume starting dimensions to allow you to calculate the design loads and the initial bending moment and shear forces to design the beam in (ii). This may not be your final dimensions and will likely change as your design progresses. Report your final dimensions of the beam that comply requirements (iii) to (iv).”
(25 marks)
(ii) Develop the bending moment and shear force diagrams using the simplified method in AS3600 (verify and show that the simplified method can be applied for this beam).
(25 marks)
(iii) Design the necessary flexural reinforcement required for positive and negative bending along the length of the beam.
(50 marks)
(iv) Design the necessary shear reinforcement along the length of the beam.
(30 marks)
(v) Draw the reinforcement detailing of the beam (including both flexure and shear), with appropriate sections.
(30 marks)
(vi) Determine the total long-term deflection and the incremental deflection of the beam in the end and interior spans. You may assume s = 0.7 and l = 0.4. Check whether these deflections are within the limit specified in AS3600.
(30 marks)

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