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HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 6

HUMN 210 -World Culture – Module 6

Reflection 6

Visit the World Health Organization (Links to an external site.) website. Choose a health topic and filter by the country you selected for your Country Presentation. Prepare a 400-500 word document explaining the health topic and how it affects the population of the country from your presentation.

 Important Note

If you are unable to find a health topic based on the country from your Country Presentation, you may select another country for this assignment.

Assess what influence cultural factors play in health outcomes. For example, if we look at the United States, we will find that the leading cause of death is heart disease. In this case, how might the incidence of heart disease be linked to culture (and not simply lifestyle choices)? Think about the cultural significance of working in the US. How are those who do not work viewed? What about the idea of the American Dream? How might this lead people to overwork, stress, and potentially neglect of health?

Apply similar questions to your country in analyzing how the country’s cultural factors influence this health topic. When summarizing a source or directly quoting a source, be sure to include an in-text citation in the paper itself. On a separate page, include your “References” in current APA format. Each in-text citation should correspond with an entry on the “References” page.

If you experience trouble with finding health topics that align with your country, please contact your instructor.

Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.

Research paper:

In this discussion activity, you will select a topic for your Research Paper. Before you post, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the instructions on your Research Paper Requirements page. With so many ideas, inventions, and technologies to choose from, students are required to each select a different topic for their Research Paper.

By completing the Research Paper Topic “worksheet,” you will “sign up” for your topic. This is a first come, first served assignment, so please do not select a topic that another classmate has selected.

Your selection must be instructor approved! 

 Research Paper Topic Worksheet

The following information is required for your submission:

  • Your idea, invention, or technology topic that has had an impact on world culture.
  • Your previous experience with this idea, invention, or technology.
  • Why are you interested in selecting this topic for your research paper?
  • Perform a quick Internet search of the topic you are interested in and provide three interesting facts.
  • What are three possible sources for research on this topic?

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