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ENG 8101 – Technological impact and its management-Assignment 1

ENG 8101 – Technological impact and its management-Assignment 1

This assignment addresses the following objectives for the course as outlined in the course specification:
 understand the role of technology in modern society.
 assess the impact of technological development on society, economy and the physical environment.
 explain the process by which society manages technological development and the role managers of technology play in this process.

Special Instructions
This assignment is to be electronically submitted via Study desk assignment drop-box.
Please submit as a generated PDF file or Word file. Do not submit zip files or scanned PDF files.
File name for your assignment may follow the following format:- Student surname (in capitals)_first name_ENG8101_ASS 1_S1_2018
This is not critical but helps in sorting student submissions.

Select a technology that has had a major impact in your work or study area (eg personal computer, telephone, internet, motor car, aeroplane, trains, television, telecommunications, robotics, electricity generation, etc) then answer the following questions:-

Question 1 (150 marks)
Define the selected technology and describe its history from creation to the present. Illustrate with appropriate diagrams and charts if relevant.

Question 2 (150 marks)
What has been its impact on your work area with respect to social, economic and environmental effects? Critically evaluate its impacts in terms of advantages and disadvantages with respect to the mentioned effects.

Question 3 (50 marks)
How has the selected technology been managed in your work area? Has this been effective?

Question 4 (50 marks)
What do you think will be the future of this technology? How will it change the future of your work place?

(i) Marks will be allocated in the following way:
Question 1 Maximum 150 marks
Question 2 Maximum 150 marks
Question 3 Maximum 50 marks
Question 4 Maximum 50 marks
Written Communication: Maximum 100 marks
Total Maximum 500 marks

(ii) The case study should be reported using the format set out below
The Required Format is:
(a) Title page including word count, student name and number
(b) Executive summary (100 to 200 words)
(c) Table of contents
(d) Introduction
(e) Answer to questions
(f) List of references
(g) Appendices
(iii) The answer should be no more than 3500 words but no penalty applies if this is exceeded.
(iv) The report should be word processed.
(v) The exact number of words in the report should be reported on the Title Page.
(vi) Written communication will be assessed in this assignment.
(vii) Please note that if plagiarism or cheating is detected in this assignment it will result in no marks for the assignment. Students should ensure they clearly understand the meaning of plagiarism and cheating. In particular, students should understand that while they may collaborate with other students on the conceptual ideas in their assignments, the final written report submitted by each student must be unique, and must not contain the written material of (a) any other student in the course, or (b) any other person without due acknowledgement.
(viii) All sources of information used in the preparation of the report should be adequately referenced, and you may need to consult works outside the formal study materials. Use to most up-to-date reference material available to you.

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