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Aim: This assignment allows you demonstrate your understanding of the various concepts and processes developed in modules 4, 5 and 6 and particularly the design of two-way slabs, columns, and prestressed concrete members.

Important notes:
It is important that you go through all lectures, tutorials, and formative quizzes relating to the design of slabs, columns and prestressed beams. Students found these tools to be very effective in answering the Assignment. As part of this Assignment, you will receive up to 10 marks by providing evidence of completing these learning tools.

You need to submit your assignment electronically through the Assignment submission box in the StudyDesk. Make sure that you attach your signed Assignment coversheet as submitted assignment without a coversheet will not be marked. The file name of the submitted assignment should be: SN_Assign1_###.doc or SN_Assign1_###.pdf, where SN is your serial number and ### corresponds to your Family name.
Use the same serial number from Assignment 1. You need to submit the assignment according to the parameters corresponding to your SN. Design using incorrect parameters will result in a deduction of up to 20% of the total marks.
A = Remainder (Serial Number/3)
B = Remainder (Serial Number/4)
C = Remainder (Serial Number/5)
D = Remainder (Serial Number/6)

Task 1 Two-way RC Slab Design (Worth 60 marks)
An internal 2nd level floor system of an industrial building (subjected to repeated wetting and drying) is composed of a slab cast monolithically with stiff beams 400 mm wide whose centrelines are on the grid shown in Figure 1. Reinforced concrete density is 24 kN/m3. Note the following specified conditions of service.
Location: Cairns, QLD (more than 50 km from coastline)
Construction: Standard formwork and compaction

Figure 1. Two-way RC Slab Design

Answer the following questions using the simplified method in AS3600.
(i) Determine the appropriate reinforcement cover to satisfy durability and 120-minute fire resistance requirements as specified in AS3600.
(10 marks)
(ii) Determine the appropriate slab thickness to satisfy total and incremental deflections.
(20 marks)
(iii) Design the reinforcement for the most critical slab (Use N12 bars throughout). Sketch the reinforcement details for this slab.

Task 2 Beam Column Section

A square column symmetrically reinforced with 8 – N20 bars is shown in Figure 2a.
Determine the following:

Task No 3 Prestressed Beam

A prestressed concrete beam is simply supported over a span of L shown in Figure 3.a and has the cross section at mid span as shown in Figure 3.b. Determine the following:

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